What is the Belfast Boycott Statue Project?

This is a campaign designed to raise money to commission a statue in honor of the countless Irish women who participated in the Belfast Boycott (1920-1922). It seeks to honor the women who made Irish freedom possible, most of whom are not properly cited and commemorated for their efforts.

What was the Belfast Boycott?

The Belfast Boycott (1920-1922) was a protest undertaken by Sinn Féin. Women served in many different capacities as boycott volunteers, by holding mass protests, altering their personal consumption decisions, serving on and often running boycott committees, and by raiding shops and trains for contraband goods from Belfast. However, like the boycott itself, the brave contributions of these women to Irish freedom have not been properly cited or commemorated. For more information and background on the boycott, please click here.

Why a statue? 

Statues have historically served as ways to publicly honor those we deem as worthy of praise or recognition. Statues and other monuments are art with purpose. Regardless of where you look, statues of historical men far outweigh statues of historical women.

Where will the statue go?

Our goal is to have the statue placed in Dublin, exact location is to be determined.

What was the inspiration for the statue’s design?

Details on the statue’s conception are located here.

How can I give?

Thank you for your interest in contributing to this project. For more information on how to become a sponsor, please contact the organizer here.

Women’s history is everyone’s history.

Above image of three Cumann na mBan members via History Ireland (Mercier Press).

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