This website and its contents remain the property of its owner, Katie Omans. Citations are given to original sources for quotes, statistics, and images used throughout. Any funds donated to this project through the GoFundMe campaign will be used exclusively for the commissioning of a statue and any expenses that arise directly related to that objective. In the event that funds given exceed those needed for the statue, excess funds will be donated to the National Gallery of Ireland. Please note that this project is neither sponsored nor endorsed by the National Gallery of Ireland. The information on this website, including the estimated cost of the statue, the location where it will be placed, and its physical description are as accurate as possible at the time of publication. All information is subject to change. All representations depicting the proposed statue are simply artistic interpretations. Please note that the actual statue and its design may differ from these images. Much of the text on this site had been adapted from “The Belfast Boycott: Consumerism, Gender, and the Irish Border, 1920-1922,” an MA thesis by Katie Omans. The research funding for that project was made possible by the School of Graduate Studies and Research at Central Washington University. Thank you.

UPDATE 11/16/2020: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the difficulty surrounding fundraising, global travel, etc. during this difficult time, the GoFundMe page for the this project has been removed and all donors have been refunded. (If you donated and have not yet received your refund, please let us know.) Anyone wishing to sponsor this project, in whole or in part, should contact the organizer. Thank you.

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