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My name is Katie Omans and I am a PhD student studying Modern European History at Marquette University in Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). In spring 2020, I received my MA in Modern Irish History from Central Washington University. My main areas of academic interest are Modern Ireland, the British Empire, Gender, and Consumerism. The Belfast Boycott was the subject of my MA thesis. It will also serve as the impetus for what will eventually become my doctoral dissertation.

I decided to commission a statue in honor of a group of women in Ireland who have been written out of their own history. The majority of women who participated in the boycott were not elites, many of them were poor, others were not involved in political organizations, but just wanted to do their part to help their country. I hope that you will consider working on the Belfast Boycott Statue Project with me. I believe that women’s history is everyone’s history! If you have questions, please feel free to get in touch.

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Above image of Countess Markievicz via Europeana.

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